$48.00 USD

4-WEEK PASS - Awaken Level 1

Full Awaken Level 1: 8 week Experiential Education Course

Awaken your Inner Healer and Inner Master

What you'll get:

  • 4 x 1.5hr weekly conversations

  • Scientific theory and Experiential exercises

  • Following the Holocene Method: Mind-Body-Emotions-Spirit

  • Gain knowledge to prevent and self-heal FND and functional illnesses

  • 4 modalities in 1: SE, EFT, Shamanism, Hypnosis

  • Suitable for healthcare, wellness professionals, patients and family members

  • Opportunities to collaborate in research

    And much more!

    Material and practices are worth over $500 in other sites!

    United for FND wisdom, awareness and prevention!

  • Course schedule:

    • Week 1- What is FND?

  • Why and how does it happen?

    Introduction to the Holocene Multi-network model

    • Week 2 - Resources & Challenges in your Path

    • Week 3- Uncovering the cause of your FND:

    • Week 4 - The language of the physical body

    • Week 5 - The language of emotions.

    • Week 6 – The language of the autonomic nervous system

    • Week 7 – The mind as a witness: beliefs, patterns of thinking and leading behavior

    • Week 8 – Interactive conversation with family members and caregivers


You will receive an email a few days after purchase with options for weekday date/time for the course. Attendance is importance and best moment to meet will be decided in group. This pass is only valid for the 4 first classes. Classes 1 to 3 are mandatory and cannot be missed. Additional disclaimers in accordance with our website agreements and terms of use.