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FND Module II - Three Worlds: Journey from the Subconscious to the Supreme (w/ Live Sessions)



FND Module II - Three Worlds w/ Live Sessions: Journey from the Subconscious to the Supreme

  • Understand past negative influences, analyze your PRESENT and build your desired FUTURE
  • Four video sessions + 4 PDFs with written self-guided practices + 4 x 1hr individual conversations to apply the knowledge to your life. THAT IS MORE AFFORDABLE THAN ANY OTHER PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM!    

  • Introduction to the Three Worlds in Our Personal and Social Spheres
  • Uku Pacha: A Journey to the Depths of Our Being
  • Kay Pacha: The Creation of Our Power Zone Here and Now.
  • Hannaq Pacha: The Way to Our Dreams

We will practice:

  • To Make Sense Of Your Past And Use It To Build Your Desired Future
  • The Language Of The Physical Body
  • The Language Of Emotions
  • Practices For Eliminating Or Transforming Your Demons
  • Practices To Connect To The Nourishing Energies Of The Four Elements (Wind, Fire, Water, Earth)
  • Tools For Neuroplasticity
  • Identifying Your Map Of Emotions - Body Sensation - Thought - Action
  • Determining The Challenges On Your Path To Self-realization
  • Meditation With Movement
  • Awakening Your Inner Child, Dreams, Desires, And Aspirations
  • Freeing Yourself From Shame, Guilt, Fear
  • Building Resources To Support You Through The Journey Of Self-transformation
  • Priority Analysis

What People Are Saying:

"Dr Velazquez and Diego are both equally passionate about their mission with Science and Shamanism and it shows with their love that is provided with everything they do. I found myself being challenged with their interesting approach using both science and the ancient shamanic legacy combined. The Three Worlds Program has taken my spiritual practice to a much deeper level of understanding. I enjoyed this course, and the journeys to the Uku Pacha (lower), Kay Pacha (middle), and Hannaq Pacha (upper worlds). I was able to learn, process, and rediscover a lot about myself by completing a combination of provided reading materials, questions, practices/exercises, zoom sessions and participation. No other person, spiritual healing practice or physician has been able to achieve what Science and Shamanism has been able to with me regarding my current symptoms, health, and past events in the amount of time that they have. I am grateful for my positive results I noticed from the Three Worlds Program and appreciate you both for your time and dedication. I am looking forward to the next part of this journey during the Spring and Holocene Programs. Thank you,

Liz Chapell