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Awaken Level 3: The Efficiency of Change (18 week Experiential Education)

Perfect your Inner Healer and Inner Master

What you'll get:

  • 6 x 1.5hr conversations every 3 weeks.

  • Faster paced, deeper and personalized Experiential Education exercises similar to real life encounters and events, to perfect and engrain your inner healer, inner master, making change more permanent

  • Expand your knowledge to prevent and self-heal FND and functional illnesses

  • More than 6 modalities in 1: SE, EFT, CBT, Hypnosis, Shamanism, Spirituality, Psychedelic natural medicinal philosophies

  • Suitable for healthcare, wellness professionals, patients and family members

  • Opportunities to collaborate in research...and much more! United for FND wisdom, awareness and prevention!

  • Only $96. Material and practices are worth over $1500 in other sites!

  • REQUIREMENT: Must have completed Awaken Levels 1 & 2 before enrollment.

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