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FND Spring Module: The New Sunrise of Your Consciousness (Video Only Program)


FND Spring Module Video-only Program: The New Sunrise of Your Consciousness

  • Prioritize the Spiritual Body to connect with your dreams, desires and your Life's Mission
  • Four 45-60' video conversations & written self-guided exercises
  • Individual live conversations to apply the knowledge to your life are bought separately. CONTACT US IF QUESTIONS

We will practice 

  • Introduction to Nature Philosophy & Spring Teachings
  • The Three Worlds Program (past, present, and future) and Your Soul’s Mission.
  • To Connect With Guides and Allies to Awaken your Spiritual Body
  • The Recovery Of Our Dreams And Desires 
  • Connection To The Mission Of Our Soul 
  • Analysis Of The Challenges That Limit Your Self-realization 
  • Strengthening Your Will 
  • Practices With The Sun And Sacred Fire 
  • To Undertake New Flights Under The Eagle's Guidance 
  • Eagle Meditation 
  • To Visualize Our Desired Future
  • To Manifest Our Individuality 
  • Uku Pacha, Kay Pacha And Hannaq Pacha Of The Spiritual Body
  • The Wisdom Of Víctor Frankl And Experiential Psychotherapy
  • Balancing The Fire Personality
  • The Teachings Of The Spring Guides: Eagle & Element Fire
  • Spring Mantras
  • The Power Of Transformation 
  • Identifying The Power Zone And Death Zone 
  • Creation Of Satisfactory Contracts 
  • Alliances And Adventures Between Couples  
  • Caring For Our Inner Child 
  • Sun Prayer
  • The Recovery Of Lost Skills And Hobbies 
  • To Perfect Your Interpersonal Relationships During the Spring

 Attention: For best results, it is advisable to start with FND Modules I & II before entering the Four Directions Method.