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FND Winter Module: Mental Refinement, Physical Rest (w/ Live Sessions)


FND Winter Module w/ Live Sessions: Physical Rest, Mental Refinement

  • Prioritize the work of the Mental Body and turn your mind into an ally of healing and self-transformation
  • Four video sessions + 4 PDFs with written self-guided practices + 4 x 1hr individual conversations to apply the knowledge to your life. THAT IS MORE AFFORDABLE THAN ANY OTHER PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM!    

    We will practice:

    • Nature Philosophy & Winter Teachings
    • The Three Worlds Program (Past, Present And Future) And Your Mental Body.
    • Concentration, Focus, Attention
    • The Power Of Positive Self-Suggestions 
    • Visualization Of A Desired Life 
    • Body Inquiry
    • Holocene Practices To Rebalance Mind & Body
    • Liberation From Past Guilt
    • To Change In Negative Mental Patterns  
    • The Language Between Mind - Physical Body - Emotions - Environment
    • Embodiment Of The Skills Of The Hummingbird And White Buffalo 
    • Identifying The Causes And Solutions Of Stress 
    • Creativity And Imagination 
    • Music And Musicality 
    • The Power Of Our Intuition
    • Priority Analyses
    • Honoring The Mission Of Your Life
    • Communication Skills
    • Meditation In Rest And With Movement
    • Mastering Old Age
    • Awakening Your Inner Master
    • Harmonious Couples During The Winter
    • Guides And Allies To Awaken Your Mental Body
    • Perfecting The Wind Personality
    • Mental Poisons And Powers

Attention: For best results, it is advisable to start with FND Modules I & II before entering the Four Directions Method.