Science and Shamanism

where ancestral wisdom meets modern scientific knowledge for healing and empowerment


To promote self-awareness, self-growth and self-healing in those touched by Functional Disorders, and for the healthy individual; to inspire personal refinement to an unimaginable level, using the credibility of science and the ancient shamanic legacy, while preserving, updating, and transmitting this wisdom.


 Yadira Velazquez, MD

Yadira Velazquez, MD, is certified in Adult Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology, with Neuromuscular Medicine and Functional Neurological Disorders expertise. Dr. Velázquez's medical career has brought her deep knowledge in the areas of neurology, psychiatry, psychology and functional medicine, which combined with her love of nature and ancient healing traditions, have allowed her to collaborate in the development and transmission of unique methods to promote self-awareness and self-healing from Functional Disorders, and also to increase happiness, vitality and satisfaction in the healthy individual. 

Today, Dr. Vel√°zquez acts as:

  • A Functional Neurological Disorder Healing & Empowerment Ally.
  • Educator, speaker, and researcher of integrative modern and ancestral techniques for healing psychosomatic, energetic, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual illnesses.
  • Patient advocate, serving those touched by Functional Disorders and FND¬†
  • Facilitator of natural psychedelic experiences in collaboration with reputable shamans and guides from¬†various lineages

Dr. Velazquez is the:

  • Co-creator of the Holocene Method
  • Founder of The Experiential Education Methodology
  • Proponent of the FND Integrative Pathophysiological Model
  • Co-founder of Science and Shamanism, a global movement of healthcare, wellness professionals, holistic therapy facilitators, and individuals interested in personal, social, environmental well-being, and the scientific endorsement of ancient healing traditions.
  • Co-author of the book Science and Shamanism: A Necessary Encounter, where she carries out a scientific evaluation of the benefits of the Shamanic Medicine Wheel, the Andean philosophy of the Three Worlds, and various psychedelic plants to promote self-knowledge, self-healing and empowerment of modern human beings.


Diego Leite

Brazilian, expert in shamanism, artist by nature, and multi-instrumentalist musician, who dedicated the last 20 years of his life to understanding, perfecting, and applying the ancient shamanic traditions of Mayan, Toltec, Nagual and Tantric mythologies, combined with oriental practices of body movements, all encompassed in the teachings of the Andean method of the Medicine Wheel, The Four Directions and the Three Worlds. Diego has devoted his life to the study of sacred plants, as essential tools for healing and transforming life into a luminous and successful adventure for the benefit of all existence. 
Diego Leite assisted Dr. Velazquez in the creation of the Holocene Method by instructing her about ancestral healing traditions and psychedelic medicinal plants.

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