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Congratulations for your interest, commitment and determination to learn more about functional illnesses and Functional Neurological Disorders, so you can better help your patients and clients. I am very pleased and honored to see you here, specially when functional disorders are affecting more than ever the world population, including our children. But today, is a opportunity, and we can start together triggering meaningful and positive changes in our practices, the Healthcare system and society as a whole. Let us fulfill our life's mission with excellence!

Browse the options below and choose the one(s) that you think could offer you the greater understanding, expertise and comfort in the field of Functional Illnesses. If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out!

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Why learn more about Functional Illnesses and

Functional Neurological Disorders (FND)?


Course details & content

Duration: 6 hours divided in 3 modules of 2 hours each. 

Lectures + Q&A

Summarized written material with tips and tools to be used in your daily practice

Smart-phrases to easily document your physical exam results demonstrating or excluding the presence of functional signs

Video recordings for later review

Full course price: $199

  • MODULE 1

  • Classification and terminology
  • Epidemiology
  • Health care costs
  • Clinical manifestations and specific presentations: functional motor symptoms, functional sensory symptoms, functional movement and gait disorders, functional non-epileptic seizures
  • Diagnosis: history, physical examination, and the role of ancillary testing.
  • MODULE 2

  • Etiological models affecting the cognitive brain, limbic system, autonomic nervous system/stress responses, sensory-motor networks.Current first-line therapies: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), physical therapy (PT) and multidisciplinary care
  • Prognosis with current first line therapies
  • Perpetuating factors
  • The role of the family
  • MODULE 3

  • Worldwide breakthrough therapies for functional neurological disorders (FND): emotionally focused therapy (EFT), psychodynamic psychotherapy, hypnosis, somatic experiencing, psychedelic medicines
  • Improving our clinical practice
  • Research opportunities
  • Inter-professional collaboration, education and awareness
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Inter-professional Case Consultation

Book the option that best suits your cases

Functional Illnesses are still poorly understood by many healthcare and wellness professionals, in part due to lack of training, education and awareness within society as a whole. During our inter-professional case consultations we will review the theory behind functional illnesses, from etiology (cause), pathophysiology (mechanism of disease production), to treatment options, while analyzing the scientific evidence within the context of your specific client.

Case consultations last from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number of cases and their complexity. In the majority of examples 30 minutes allow us to review and discuss 1 complex case or 2 simple cases, practical aspects and scientific evidence.

Looking forward to our discussion!