Research & Self-assessment questionnaires

Ruptures in Patient-Physician relationship

If you are a patient with Functional Disorders (FD) including Functional Neurological Disorders (FND) and you have had to change your healthcare or wellness provider this questionnaire is for you. 

Functional Disorders Perpetuating Factors

Let's comprehensively study the factors that are perpetuating or maintaining your FND. We use the methodology of the Four Bodies, studying what is affecting the mind, the emotions, the physical body, your spiritual and social networks. Take the assessment!

Electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies (NCS), in functional diseases

Have you had an EMG and/or NCS as part of your diagnostic workup during your journey with functional disorders (FD), including variants such as FND, fibromyalgia, chronic musculoskeletal pain, etc.? How has the test impacted you? Share your experience!