Preparation and Integration Interviews

The preparation and integration interviews are carried out around ceremonies and retreats with plants of power, and they aim to promote safety and deepen the benefits provided by these valuable healing tools.

Recent clinical studies and the oral transmission of shamanic traditions that surround these practices repeatedly emphasize the importance of the right intention, set and setting. Due to the magnitude of the teachings that these medicines offer, the benefits are much more profound and long lasting when the plants are combined with methods that facilitate the interpretation of the insights given and the incorporation of these into your daily life.

During the preparation and integration conversations, the needs, aspirations, and intentions of the individuals is uncovered, and practices will be provided to help implement changes that are maintained over the long term.

Dr. Yadira Velazquez will be your Ally of Power during these conversations.

Type: online conversations.
Duration: approximately 1 hour
Note: Each beginner will receive an approximately 30-minute free preparation session.

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