Three Worlds Program: Journey from the Subconscious to the Supreme

"Dr Velazquez and Diego are both equally passionate about their mission with Science and Shamanism and it shows with their love that is provided with everything they do. I found myself being challenged with their interesting approach using both science and the ancient shamanic legacy combined. The Three Worlds Program has taken my spiritual practice to a much deeper level of understanding. I enjoyed this course, and the journeys to the Uku Pacha (lower), Kay Pacha (middle), and Hannaq Pacha (upper worlds). I was able to learn, process, and rediscover a lot about myself by completing a combination of provided reading materials, questions, practices/exercises, zoom sessions and participation. No other person, spiritual healing practice or physician has been able to achieve what Science and Shamanism has been able to with me regarding my current symptoms, health, and past events in the amount of time that they have. I am grateful for my positive results I noticed from the Three Worlds Program and appreciate you both for your time and dedication. I am looking forward to the next part of this journey during the Spring and Holocene Programs.  Thank you, Liz Chapell"


"I really enjoyed this process and believe it is helping me.  Can I just say thank you Yadira, I am glad that you are out there helping people like me with their FND struggles." - Anonymous 

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Holocene Practices to Connect Mind - Body - Emotions - Spiritual /Life's Purpose

"I’ve been continuing to work on “Collecting Power”, “Communicating with the Physical Body” and engaging in “Mindfulness Walking”/Connecting with the Sun. I have been working on “Embodying Your Boundaries” having learned to say “no” and “taking charge of my direction”. I’ve come to terms with the feelings that encompass "standing my ground”, doing what’s best for me and feeling comfortable with it.  In my reflections of past negative memories(emotions and bodily sensations), I’ve discovered my mouth clenching tightly when I feel deflated and/or annoyed.  I’ve discovered in more recent work related memories, my emotions of confusion and not feeling appreciated. These are connected with a bodily sensation of emptiness. On a side note, this also has encompassed some dreams where I am dealing with conflict in the work force. My big take-away message from all of this is some unresolved conflict with my job which possibly exacerbates my physical symptoms."

- Anonymous


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FND: A New Path To Healing

"I have completed the four videos on FND and found it very informative.  I continue to work on determining the triggers, listening to my body and realizing that just as this has developed over time, it will take time to reverse it. I do have my moments of frustration but with your practices, I get back on a positive track.  I faithfully do the “Collecting Power”, “Walking Meditation”, “Wind and Water” practices for exploring emotional health and overall well-being"

- C.G.

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