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Somatic Experiencing for Functional Illnesses and Functional Neurological Disorders (FND)


Have you heard of Somatics and Somatic Experiencing International? 


SE is the result of a multidisciplinary study of biology, neuroscience, medical biophysics, stress physiology, psychology, ethology, and indigenous healing practices, with more than 45 years of successful clinical application. SE is therefore one of the most comprehensive body-oriented modalities that helps heal traumatic events, trauma and associated conditions, such as functional illnesses (FI) and Functional Neurological Disorders (FND). 


  • The rationale:

Trauma is an spectrum; going from subtle events that could subconsciously affect our overall wellbeing, our world perception and the perfect balance between mind - emotions - physical body - environment, to much more severe situations that threatens our life and our existence, the way we have known it. 

Functional illnesses at the same time affect more frequently those who have had challenging situations and traumatic events, such as:

- Physical injury or trauma, such as motor vehicle accident, surgeries and medical procedures (Stone et al. 2009, Schrag 2004)
- Difficulties in interpersonal relationships and adverse life events (Duncan 2006, Creed 2012)
- Change in relationship, housing, and employment (Brown 2005, 2013)
- Exposure to early trauma and traumatic childhood experiences (Roelofs et al 2002)
- Childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse (Fiszman 2004, Brown 2005, Sharpe & Faye 2006, Roelofs & Sinhoven 2007)

  • What happens during a Somatic Experiencing session?

SE as a modality has dozens of exercises to help clients achieve their goals. This is simply a summarized example of one possibility:

Sessions lasts approximately 1hr, during which time the practitioner tracks the nervous system and the physical response of the individual, as they recall and describe challenging situations from the past. The practitioner, through their own caring and attentive  presence, point out to the individual the changes taking place in their physiology, stimulating tremendous understanding about the functioning of the nervous system, and the physical sensations or symptoms taking place, and their relationship to the environment. This realignment and rebalancing between mind - physical body is a key ingredient that MUST take place in order to heal from FND and FI. 


  • What is the current status of SE research for FND and FI?

Research trials are being designed and we plan to start recruiting in 2022. Leave us your email address to update you as the research opportunities become available. We need your help, to be able to find the cure for FND and FI!


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