The Holocene Method


For whom is the Holocene Method?

The Holocene Method is for everyone as it has been designed to help healthy individuals achieve greater peace, happiness, and well-being, while connecting them with their lives’ mission and purpose. For those experiencing functional symptoms and disorders, it represents a New Path to Healing, as it empowers clients to become the masters of their lives, while rebalancing the connections between Mind-Emotions-Physical Body-Spirit/Environment. This holistic and comprehensive method is founded in modern scientific literature and ancestral shamanic healing traditions. The Holocene Method contains various modules that are utilized following the current season, the rhythms of nature and the individual's needs and intention.


What is the Holocene Method?

The Holocene Method is a self-guided empowering and transformative program that should be done at your pace. Group and Individual classes and practices are also available to allow you to investigate and apply, in a deeper manner, the knowledge to your personal life. The Modules available are described below. Each module contains 4 video sessions, written exercises for self-reflection, and group or individual live online classes depending on your preference.


How is it experienced?

 You must start with one of the beginner modules (it is recommended, if possible to take both, in the described order). Then you start learning and practicing the Shamanic Medicinal Wheel by entering in the current season and body. 


Beginner Modules:

Module #1 - Understanding Functional Symptoms. A New Path to Healing.

Goals: To develop awareness of your bodily processes and sensations, the causes and triggers of symptoms, uncomfortable feelings and experiences. We will review the various methods of healing described in the literature, discussing benefits and disadvantages, scrutinizing together the need for a truly integrative model.

Characteristics: Heavy in scientific concepts and articles. This module can allow you to take cognitive control of your future. Learn more about this module


Module #2 - Three Worlds Program.

Goals: It studies the Three main temporal dimensions of our our existence, 1) Our PAST (Uku Pacha) and its legacy, 2) The PRESENT moment (Kay Pacha) with its healthy and detrimental characteristics, 3) Our higher self or desired FUTURE (Hannaq Pacha). This module allows clients to understand their own story, make sense of it, turn the mud into the Lotus Flower and start envisioning a clear path towards changing the tendencies and patterns they wish to, thus walking towards their dreamed future.

Characteristics: These concepts are derived from the Inca Mythology and traditionally utilized in shamanic ancestral healing practices. These ancient philosophies are supplemented with modern teachings derived from the fields of Existential Philosophies, Somatics, Emotionally Focused Practices, Cognitive and Behavioral theories, Psychedelic wisdom derived from master plants, and many other. Learn more about this module. 


Intermediate Modules:

Module #3 ‚Äď Spiritual Body, Life's Mission & Spring Program.¬†

Goals: To uncover your life’s purpose, mission, dreams, desires and hopes, because being disconnected from your soul’s mission can cause unhappiness, emotional, energetic, mental and functional physical illnesses. To develop and deepen your spiritual practices according to your beliefs and religion.

Characteristics: It focuses on the Four Directions Shamanic Medicinal Wheel teachings of the Spring season and among other modern philosophies, it relies on Existential Philosophical and Therapeutic concepts.

Learn more about this module. 


Module #4 ‚Äď Emotional Body & Summer Program:

Goals: To perfect all the emotional processes that occur in the Limbic system or emotional brain, studying the link with the mind - physical body and spirit. Learn to master your interpersonal relationships, improving your determination and vulnerability. Practice expressing your truth with courage, kindness, and assertiveness. Perfecting your emotional language.

Characteristics: It focuses on the Four Directions Shamanic Medicinal Wheel teachings of the Summer season and among other modern philosophies, it relies on Emotionally Focused Therapeutic concepts. It builds in the Spiritual teachings of the Spring. Learn more...


Module #5 ‚Äď Physical Body & Autumn Program:¬†

Goals: Learn to prioritize yourself and use your physical body as your treasure. Perfect your nutrition, energetic balances of the physical body, all material and financial resources. Uncover and understand the language of the body. Liberate from pre-established destinies and awaken your instinctual and instinctive abilities. 

Characteristics:  It focuses on the Four Directions Shamanic Medicinal Wheel teachings of the Autumn season and among other modern philosophies, it relies on Somatics and Somatic Experiencing derived concepts. It builds in the Spiritual and Emotional teachings of the Spring and Summer. Learn more ...


Module #6 ‚Äď Mental Body & Winter Program:¬†

Goals: Learn to turn your mind into an ally of self-healing and empowerment, because the previously learned thought patterns that are affecting you can be changed through willingness and the strengthening of the mind - body - emotions - spiritual connections. Build agency and power to rewire your brain.

Characteristics: It focuses on the Four Directions Shamanic Medicinal Wheel teachings of the Winter season and among other modern philosophies, it relies on Cognitive, Behavioral, Hypnosis and Psychedelics' concepts. It builds in the concepts acquired during all previous seasons of studies. Learn more...


Supplementary modules for intermediate and advanced students:

-¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Holocene¬†Practices¬†(weekly practices to consolidate and balance the Four Bodies: Mind ‚Äď Emotions ‚Äď Physical - Spiritual)

-          Plants of Power (available depending on the regulations of your country and city): Ayahuasca, Cocoa, Cannabis, Peyote, Huachuma, Psylocibin.

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