Three Worlds:
A Journey from the Subconscious to the Supreme

According to the Inca mythology of the Andean mountains, the universe is composed of three worlds, or realities, that represent the past, the present and the future of everything that surrounds us and our psychological context:

Uku Pacha symbolizes our fears, traumas and limitations;

Kay Pacha our present, our daily life with all its resources;

Hannaq Pacha our future, dreams and our higher self.

Following the Shamanic Method of the Three Worlds, we will study and understand life according to these perspectives; essential requirement to achieve health, competency, freedom, happiness and supreme fulfillment.

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"I really enjoyed this process and believe it is helping me.  Can I just say thank you Yadira, I am glad that you are out there helping people like me with their FND struggles." - anonymous



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