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Natural Psychedelic Medicinal Plants for Patients and Wellness Professionals: A Journey of Personal and Professional Transformation

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Watch the Introductory Video about the upcoming

Master Plants Retreat for Learning to Heal Functional Disorders

(Ayahuasca and Wachuma)

Sacred Valley, Peru

November 2nd – November 8th, 2023

w/ Yogini Shakti & Dr. Yadira Velazquez-Rodriguez


Goals and Objectives: The recovery, understanding, preservation and transmission of the wisdom and healing potential of our natural, ancestral, psychedelic containing, medicinal plants, is a must. During these modern times of exceedingly frequent stress, burnout, despair, helplessness, exaggerated demands, and functional illnesses such as FND, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic functional pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, and even suicidal thoughts and attempts, we must empower ourselves to self-heal, help one-another and the future generations.

Our environment, societies, planet Earth and numerous species world-wide also need us. The current lifestyle that many of us are carrying, often subconsciously, our tools, techniques and leading behaviors are causing destruction and sickness, not only in our physical and energetic bodies (the nervous system, for example, which is an energetic or primarily electrical organ), but also in the environment that sustain us.

For millennia, our ancestors have had access to, have utilized, and depended on psychedelic (mind-expanded or manifested) medicinal plants, because their properties allow us to see our internal, external experiences and the world around us with clarity, and alignment with the greater forces that allow us to exist, to which we belong, and from which we depend, for example, the waters, the oxygen contained in fresh air, the earth with all its food and nutrients, and the sun with all its effects. Our ancestral psychedelic medicinal plants have helped us evolve thorough millennia, which means that they have allowed us to stay healthy, harmonious, and prosperous. What else could we possibly need?

For these reasons, Dr. Yadira Velazquez-Rodriguez, author, educator, American Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist, specialist in functional illnesses and functional neurological disorders (FND) have been studying with various healers from ancestral shamanic traditions since 2019, and she is now partnering with some of the most reputable and experienced practitioners of these sacred lineages, to offer healthcare and wellness professional, safe, uniquely meaningful, and first-hand valuable experiences with these powerful natural psychedelic master plants.

 Some of the goals and intentions for this retreat, specially designed for healthcare, wellness professionals, individuals with functional disorders and family members, are:

  • To investigate, diagnose and improve dysfunctional personal mental, emotional, and physical processes.
  • To diagnose and find creative solutions to unhelpful interpersonal processes and dynamics.
  • To explore the properties of Ayahuasca and mescaline contained in Wachuma to achieve self-improvement, healing and problem solving.
  • To discover firsthand, and document, for subsequent patients and physicians, the beneficial effects for understanding and healing psychic (mind) – somatic (body) energetic, mental, emotional, and physical processes.
  • To experience, investigate, and integrate into our daily lives, the revelatory visions that these ancestral sacred medicines can elicit.
  • To awaken and strengthen innovation and creativity.
  • To learn and incorporate ancestral healing rituals into our daily lives and journeys of self-realization.
  • To experience greater connection with the universe around us, the elements and planet Earth, intensifying our life experience.
  • To potentialize the benefits of these substances by combining them with deeply reflective preparation and integration practices.
  • To cultivate happiness, joy and adventure while exploring Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru, and all its natural splendors.
  • To sensitize ourselves to the healing properties of nature, natural plants, and the elements in general, awakening ancestral abilities within us.
  • To strengthen our connection with divine energies, forces, and deities, that could continue helping us in our journeys of positive self-transformation.
  • To experience first-hand the ancestral way of receiving these medicines: traditional rituals, medicine music.
  • To discuss, explore and determine the characteristics, guidelines, and benefits of micro dosing.
  • To experience personally, in a safe environment, the healing power of natural psychedelic medicinal plants.
  • To promote research. The benefits of these psychedelic medicinal plants’ intake have not been systemically evaluated for the improvement of spiritual, energetic, electrical, or functional illnesses and disorders. Their effect in enhancing healers’ professional abilities have not been determined.

Certificate of participation provided by Dr. Yadira Velazquez specifying the theory and practices covered during the retreat.



About the Ancestral Psychedelic Medicines: During this retreat we will work and learn from two sacred ancestral master plants, which use is completely legal in Peru: Ayahuasca and Wachuma. Additionally, we will utilize and learn rituals and traditions involving prayer Tobacco, Coca leaves, and Cocoa.

There is extensive scientific information supporting the benefit of ayahuasca for the Four Bodies (mind, physical body, emotions, and spirituality/environment), as it is described in shamanism and ancestral healing traditions. A literature review has revealed the following beneficial effects: Click here to review details in full program or watch above video.

 Wuachuma or San Pedro cactus is native to the Andes Mountains, found in  Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. Wachuma has been used for healing in the Andes Mountains region for over 3,000 years, particularly by the Moche, Nazca and Chavín cultures. The Roman Catholic church attempted to suppress its use, but instead named it "San Pedro cactus" – Saint Peter cactus - , as upon ingestion church officials believed that the cactus, just as St Peter, holds the keys to heaven. In 2022, the Peruvian Ministry of Culture declared the traditional use of San Pedro cactus in northern Peru as cultural heritage.

  About the Spiritual Guide / Medicine Woman: Yogini Shakti was born in Brazil. She started her studies with the Ayahuasca master plant at the age of 18 years old through the Santo Daime lineage, one of the most important organizations that have participated in the international spread, and scientific validation of Ayahuasca. Yogini later received four years of training by Chandra Lacombe, master in the Santo Daime lineage combined with oriental traditions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Yogini have also studied with various masters of Shamanic traditions through the years. She moved to Peru in the year 2012 to study the master plant Wachuma.

Yogini started to serve Ayahuasca in 2014 and Wachuma in 2018. She has received trainings and obtained certifications in Yoga, Transpersonal Therapy, Reiki Master, and Therapeutic Massage.

About the location, Hannan Pacha Transpersonal Ashram: Located in the heart of the Sacred Valley, in Calca, Peru, the Ashram is surrounded by some of the most important Apus (sacred mountains in Inca mythology) of the region: Apu Pitusiray, Pan de Azucar, Calvario e Huchuy Qosqo. The space has indoors and outdoors ceremonial spaces, multiple musical instruments for personal and group use, to develop and awaken our creativity and connection with the healing powers of the sound. The Ashram possesses a lovely outdoor dining area. We have single and double rooms. The Ashram’s vast gardens hold majestic rocks, Wachuma cacti, and multiple spaces suitable for meditation, rest, and deep self-reflection. Dr. Velazquez-Rodriguez and Yogini Shakti are available on-site 24hr to assist participants with all their needs.


What makes this retreat special?

  1. Two different guides, with backgrounds in neurology and shamanism, experienced in the lineages of Ayahuasca and Wachuma.
  2. Scientific and ancestral approaches.
  3. Comprehensive preparation and integration phases that start 1 month before retreat and continue for 1 month afterwards.
  4. Exceedingly comfortable location, in Sacred Valley, Peru, a place of power, the house of the Inca Empire and Inca mythology.
  5. Easily accessible location, close to some of the most famous archeological sites of the Americas, many of them world-heritage.
  6. Opportunities to collaborate in research and further the studies in the growing field of psychedelic therapies.
  7. Specially designed for healthcare and wellness professionals, creating a homogeneous community capable of promoting a deeper transformative experience.
  8. Certificate of completion provided by Dr. Yadira Velazquez.


Have any questions, interested or would like to learn more about this and other opportunities? Schedule a free 30 minutes conversation with Dr. Velazquez. Email me at [email protected] to get more details or complete program. 

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